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​​Auto Management Inc. (AMI) is NOT a Dealership

AMI does not buy, sell or lease vehicles

Vehicles shown are available BY OWNER ONLY!

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If you have solid, verifiable cash flow. If you're over 21 and have a valid driver's license. If you're a signer on a bank account and can provide the required insurance, you may qualify to assume the financing on the newer vehicle of your choice.

Vehicles shown are available complete with "owner-carry" financing. You can take over the loan or lease payments under a contract with the original owner and avoid having to obtain new financing, pay sales tax and be subject to inflated interest rates. 

​Check out our Inventory of Available Vehicles. If you find the perfect one for your needs with payments you can afford, call us to verify it is still available, then complete the Vehicle Application Form on our secure server. We look forward to serving your needs.

For vehicles accepted into the AMI Finance Transfer Program©, AMI will assist in locating a Permissive User to assume the balance of the financing via a Use Agreement with the vehicle owner. Once the vehicle is placed into the Program and delivered to the User, all subsequent payments are covered by the User and guaranteed by AMI.  In the event of a default on the part of the User and with the permission of the owner, AMI acts to protect the interests of the vehicle owner to secure the vehicle and to locate a new User to finish out the term of the financing. 

The answers to most Frequently Asked Questions may be found HERE or call us at 720-458-5883 to see if the AMI Finance Transfer Program© is the best and most economic alternative for you.  To verify our Better Business Bureau Rating [Click Here].

Buyers - Take Over a Loan or Lease

Auto Management Inc. (AMI) provides a mechanism to allow original owners of all types of vehicles to exit their loan or lease without having to damage their good credit, pay enormous early termination costs or surrender the vehicle to the bank.  

When the owner of a boat, motor vehicle or motor home wants or needs to eliminate the financial  obligation within the first two years, they often find the cost of selling the vehicle prohibitive. 

If you are the original owner of a boat, motor vehicle or motor home that is still covered by its original factory warranty and in excellent condition, the AMI Finance Transfer Program© may be the solution. It has saved hundreds of owners like yourself many $1000's over the years.