1.  Collect the best JPEG pictures of your vehicle; a copy of your Loan or Lease Agreement, your Driver's License(s), your vehicle's Registration and the latest Monthly Statement from the Lender or Lessor (we need to know the payment amount, date due, account number and the mailing address of the Lender/Lessor)..

2.  Click the Link below to be directed to our Vehicle Description Form. Complete all pages of the Form which provides the information necessary to locate a Permissive User of your vehicle. Attach up to 12 of the best JPEG pictures of your vehicle and pictures or PDF copies of your license(s), loan/lease agreement and registration and SUBMIT it for approval.

3.  AMI will email you our Payment Guarantee Agreement for your review and an AMI Representative will contact you to answer any questions you may have regarding the AMI Finance Transfer Program©. Once you have executed and returned the Payment Guarantee Agreement, AMI will market your vehicle to 1,000's of prospective Users. It normally takes less than two weeks to locate a User. Expect the next payment you make to be the last you will ever need to make on your vehicle.


Exiting a Loan or Lease is as Simple as 1-2-3

​​Auto Management Inc. (AMI) is NOT a Dealership

AMI does not buy, sell or lease vehicles

Vehicles shown are available BY OWNER ONLY!

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"We had a lease that we couldn't get out of.  We tried to sell our Explorer, but had no luck.  When Auto Management called and offered to find someone to make payments for us, it seemed too good to be true.  AMI did exactly what they promised.  They found someone to make the payments to us, which we have been forwarding on to our leasing company.  Unfortunately, our User was less than faithful in making payments.  However, AMI saw to it that we never missed a payment and then found another User to assume our payments.  They took care of all the details.  Thanks AMI, you helped us out of a pinch!" - Blake L, Highlands Ranch CO

"Auto Management helped me lease my car in just four days!  I was able to get rid of my car payment and at the same time save my good credit.  AMI assisted me during a time of financial crisis.  They were able to find a User to take over the payments for my new car without jeopardizing my personal credit.  AMI handled all of the paperwork and the whole process was short and sweet.  I have personally recommended their service to my friends and family." - Carol R., Henderson NV​

"This is just a note to thank you for providing a service that got me out of a 'lease' mistake.  Had it not been for your creative company, I would have been forced to drive a car that was too small to meet my family's needs.  You made the process of finding a party to take over my lease easy and convenient and I appreciated your professionalism.  If you ever want a reference as to your services, please do not hesitate to give out my name." - Judy B., Englewood CO

"I have been a customer of AMI for one and half years now.  If it hadn't been for their service, I would have been stuck with two car payments and trying to sell a truck that I was upside down in a lease with.  The entire staff has been great to work with during this whole process.  Thanks again AMI!" - Mike V., Tempe AZ

​"Thank you so much for a wonderful business experience! We have been delighted and impressed with your company and the way in which you conduct business. You fulfilled your contract with complete satisfaction and we would recommend anyone to engage in doing business with you. Again, thank you for all your efforts and I wish you the best! - Sandi B, Littleton CO