Auto Management Inc. (AMI) is not a dealership and does not buy or sell vehicles.  The AMI Finance Transfer Program© is for vehicle owners seeking buyers to, under contract, take over payments on their auto loan or lease.  Typical clients have purchased or leased a vehicle and, in less than three years, need to exit their financing.   They often find that their limited options (selling, trading, or returning the vehicle) are too costly and may severely damage their credit.  AMI provides a unique fourth option, saving our clients $1,000's while protecting their good credit.

Buyers find the AMI Finance Transfer Program© beneficial in that qualification requirements are simple and based on verifiable income rather than credit score.  Buyers pay an Acquisition Fee ("Down") approximately equal to the sales tax they would pay at a Dealership, and take over payments on a nearly new vehicle under a Permissive Use contract with the original owner.  If their needs change, the vehicle may be returned and the Permissive Use contract cancelled without penalty (the mileage and condition of the vehicle must be in compliance with the terms of the agreement). 

Frequently Asked Questions

​​Auto Management Inc. (AMI) is NOT a Dealership

AMI does not buy, sell or lease vehicles

Vehicles shown are available BY OWNER ONLY!

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