If credit problems are preventing you from acquiring the vehicle you can afford, you're in the right place. We recognize that bad things happen to good people, so we offer you a second chance! If you have verifiable income, a valid driver's license, a bank account and can provide insurance, you may qualify to take over payments on the car of your dreams!  Before you throw your money away on a high interest, bad credit car loan, check out our vehicles. All vehicles are available for you to take over payments!

​​Auto Management Inc. (AMI) is NOT a Dealership

AMI does not buy, sell or lease vehicles

Vehicles shown are available BY OWNER ONLY!

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AMI will locate a User to contract with you to assume the balance of the payments on your newer vehicle - whether a loan or a lease. The AMI Finance Transfer Program© provides our clients with a guarantee of timely loan or lease payments to protect their good credit and eliminate the cost of selling, trading, or worse; repossession of their newly financed vehicle.  Advertise your vehicle today and find a User to take over payments on your unwanted financing the safe and secure way.  Best of all, our service is FREE!

All AMI vehicles are available with owner-carry financing. You must have a valid driver's license, verifiable residence and income, a few references, the ability to provide the correct insurance and a personal or corporate bank account to qualify. Whatever your needs, whether short-term or long, loan or lease, our AMI Finance Transfer Program© may have the solution for you!

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